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What's All That About a Three-Day Diet, Anyways?

No,not literally a three-day diet, actually. But there is such a dietplan which is designed to meet the ends of excessive (and fast!)weight loss. It is thought to have been put together for theconvenience of surgery patients whose procedures required them tolose the extra baggage.

However,this diet plan may also be used by the overly-eager weight loser.

The Cabbage Soup Dietand How it Works

Thesecabbage soup diet is for the most part based on a fat-burning souprecipe. This soup contains negligible calories. This means that themore soup a person eats, the more weight he or she will lose.

Thismakes this diet plan a fairly radical one, in fact – it is amongthe most extreme ones out there, and this is exactly what allows itto show considerable results after a mere seven-day period.

Namely,the goal of the diet is to lose about ten pounds (that is to sayabout five kilos) within a weeks time.

The Diet Plan

Thefollowing is a daily plan of other foods to eat (aside from thecabbage soup, of course).

Dayone: any mount of any type of fruit except bananas.

Daytwo: vegetables, a jacket potato and some butter.

Daythree: fruit and vegetables (but no potatoes or bananas).

Dayfour: up to eight bananas and as much skimmed milk as a person candrink.

Dayfive: twenty ounces of beef and no more than six tomatoes.

DaySix: beef and vegetables (but no potatoes) as a person can eat.

TheLast Day: brown rice, vegetables that are not potatoes andunsweetened fruit juice.

Other Foods That Areand Aren't Allowed

Dietersare encouraged to drink as much water as they can, but other thanthat and their two daily bowls of cabbage soup, thay may only pickfrom: fruit, vegetables, skim milk, brown rice, unsweetened fruitjuices and certain types of meat.

Onthe other hand, the following foods are strictly prohibited: bread,alcohol and carbonate beverages (this includes even diet soda).

Anotherhelpful guideline to picking the right food is the fact that thediet's effectiveness is based on the low calorie intake.

On aside note, this diet plan is hardly a long-term solution, but it isan excellent one when it comes to the need to lose the extra baggageas quickly as possible.

Other SuggestedBenefits of the Diet Plan

Theseinclude fast weight loss, the benefits that come from even atemporary shift from a junk food diet an overweight person is mostlikely to be indulging and cancer preventing measures (since eatingvegetables from the Brasica family seems to do the trick).

The Conclusion

Aperson should always consult his or her doctor about the potentialrisks of any diet plan, both the general and personal ones, andespecially when it comes to extreme examples such as this one.

Again,this diet is designed to get rid of those extra pounds quickly andeffectively, but enduring prolonged course of it may causesignificant health issues itself.

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