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A muffin top is slang for an area of the body with an amount of loose skin. It is often located on the lower part of the stomach and makes the waist area to look unattractive. It is especially common among the women who recently gave a birth.

The best way to lose the muffin top is to exercise. But, a certain diet is always recommended by the dieticians, of course, along with the trainings.

The diet should contain as much fruits and vegetables as possible, even when a sense of hunger is strong. Rule is that more calories have to be burnt than eaten. And, vegetables are famous for being rich in nutrients while low in calories. To succeed in the intention of taking a smaller amount of calories, a good advice is also to have more meals daily, so that the hunger is felt less frequently. The dieticians often recommend five meals per day. Besides that, eating five times a day makes the metabolism faster. And, after all, it is good to point out that a meal should contain less than three parts of fat.

The meals that should be avoided are those containing fried foods, fast-food, high-fat milk and cheese, etc. The most dangerous to such a diet is alcohol, because the scientists agreed that it encourages the fat to be stuck at one place, and that is the main problem of the muffin.

The best exercises for this problem are the ones included in aerobic trainings, which should be balanced with those strength trainings, so that the best results could be achieved. The muscles on the belly will burn down the fat faster and more effectively. For example, kick-box training consists of both, the aerobic and strength training. As far as the aerobic trainings are concerned, they are characteristic because of a lot of exercises focused on the heart, breathing and the circulation. This way an aerobic training is actually a whole body workout, and it is the only way to get rid of the muffin. If one does only the belly-related exercises, he will get the stomach muscles, but they will stay hidden under the mentioned amount of fat.

The strength trainings are useful to be added to the workout, because the bigger the muscles, the more calories are burnt in a shorter period of time. But, it is important to emphasize that one should be careful when starting to lift weights (because one could get hurt if not lifting weights properly), and that better effect can be accomplished when lifting it more times, and not when lifting heavier weights.

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