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The point of every good diet is to be effective. This means that after the diet, the lost pounds shouldn’t get back right away. All in all, the best advice comes from the dieticians who are also aware of that problem because people often want to lose weight fast. And that happens usually just before the summer starts and people seek some fast solutions which can’t be effective for a long period of time.

So, the solution is to burn the fat slowly, and the dieticians agree that the one should introduce 500 calories less daily. But also, one should be careful about maintaining a faster metabolism and a good energy level. The aerobic training is always helpful and it should be combined with the intake of enough proteins so that the body could keep up with such an energetic workout. It is recommendable to do the exercises in the morning, so it would be more easy to keep up with the plan of slimming down. And the investigations have shown that the fat is burnt more easily in the beginning of the day when exercising before the breakfast.

A good way to build up some muscle as well is to eat foods rich in proteins, and not in carbs, so the newest studies have shown. The muscles and the water could be lost during those attempts of losing weight in a short period of time, especially if it includes starving. So, it is essential to introduce at least one gram of protein daily per pound.

Fortunately, the proteins are among those nutrients that can be found easily. The rich sources of proteins are eggs, white chicken meat and low-calorie fish and cheese.

There are also some useful carbs that help the process of releasing insulin. There is a trick with insulin that the experienced sportsmen use to gain more muscles. They challenge the insulin to be released after the training and that way an amount of muscles is replenished with carbs. But, it can be dangerous for the beginners who are on the diet.

Also, some fats are very important for the organs to work properly. Those are the essential fatty acids.

Dieticians also recommend the intake of flax oil, caffeine, green tea, and of course, drinks rich in vitamins, such as natural orange juice. In the end, the following advice should be considered, because it comes from the dieters with some experience. And the advice is to introduce a day in which the individual would rest from the exhausting diet. But, of course, such a day should be planned carefully.

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