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It is important to know certain basic things about the functioning of the organism in order to make it even better and healthier. A healthy body needs a lot of effort and that effort needs to focus on healthy eating and exercising.


When we say diet, we actually think of the eating habits, which have to be healthy and balanced. What does that mean? Menus included need as many meals as possible, at least 5. With 5 meals, the amount of food taken will not be reduced with each meal, but since there are many meals, hunger will not be present. The problem begins if there is some additional fat that needs to be reduced. In those cases, the amount of calories taken has to be reduced in order for fat burning process to start.


Whichever type of workout is used, it is smart to create some sort of plan in order to have results as soon as possible. Men usually lean towards the increased muscle mass, while women are more into lean figure, with no bulking effect. Both cardio and muscle building workout (2 basic types of exercising) have some role in a weigh reduction process, if some fat is present. Cardio type is more effective when it comes to losing weight, but that is understandable since muscle mass weights more than fat tissue, so when fat tissue is gone, if muscle mass is present, the overall weight will not change much. But one thing is certain; both types of workout induce fat burning process.

Fat burning

Fat burning process is actually creating glucose from fat tissue. That glucose will be used as energy source if there is not enough glucose taken from food, or if the physical activity requires additional energy. One of the processes included is anaerobic glycolysis. Anaerobic glycolysis facts explain us that it is a process of glucose breaking down into smaller molecules, but without oxygen in the vicinity. This is the process that would be indefinite; it does not depend on the amount of glycogen. The only substance that stops this process is lactic acid. Lactic acid is created during anaerobic exercises, which are generally known as weight lifting aka bodybuilding. Anaerobic exercise is an explosive exercise, so fast that oxygen is not present in the muscle contraction process, and the number of reps in a set is low because of the accumulation of lactic acid, which exhausts the muscle. Exhausted muscle needs some time for recovery before the next training session. 

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