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Since metabolism is the process of the absorption (more precisely: of decomposing the organic matter and turning this pure energy into the proteins and the nucleic acids) of the necessary nutrients from the eaten foods, it must work at least properly in order to even the start the process of losing the excessive weight and the accumulated fats could be enabled. It is, and it can be confirmed, the base of any healthy slimming down plan and the most important factor in the popular battle against the yo-yo effect, that is, against the fast recurrence of the lost pounds. So, it promises that the losing the weight will be effective on a longer run, of course, if the individual continues leading the health lifestyle. Metabolic process and burning the fat

As already explained, the metabolic process is, in fact, besides the workouts, the healthiest way to turn the accumulated fats and the carbohydrates into the pure energy. After that, the energy must be spent, and the best way to do that is by doing the exercises.

So, the conclusion is that the diet and the workouts must go hand in hand in order to burn the excessive fat the best, the healthiest, and the fastest way. But, at this point, it should be emphasized that more intensive trainings are more suitable for burning the calories that came from the carbohydrates, and those somewhat milder training sessions are actually focused on the expenditure of the calories of the fat origin.

Therefore, the key of getting rid of the excessive fat is the carefully balanced diet, but also, the carefully balanced workout. Such a workout must be the combination of various types of the exercises in order to achieve the determined goal.

Nevertheless, the most important is the simple calculation, according to which more calories must be burnt than introduced into the organism by foods and drinks. And, it is more important to spend more time doing the exercises properly and as hardly as it is possible, than doing them explosively. If they are done explosively, the consequences are the less amount of the burned fat and the bigger feeling of exhaustion, without the increased endurance.

However, the aerobic exercises are the most beneficial for maintaining the healthy metabolic rate. In fact, any physical activity is beneficial because of the maintenance of the healthy level of the insulin in the blood also, in the comparison with the sedentary lifestyle. And these types of the exercises are so effective because the beginning of the process of burning of the fat takes place after the carbs are burnt. Anyway, the advised amount of such a workout is one half an hour on a daily basis, and 5 times a week.

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