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Cellulite is the disease of the modern age and many womensuffer from this aesthetic problem. It doesn’t have to be associated withoverweight and even women with ideal body weight and fat may have cellulite aswell. This problem can be both prevented and reduced, using natural methods.

Physical Activity

Being fit may help you have cellulite in the first place, soregular exercise is the best way to prevent this problem. Being physicallyactive will reduce the chance for accumulation of body fat or help you meltdeposited fat, if you have any. Since cellulite develops from the surplus ofthe fat in and on your body, having less fat will also mean having less cellulite.

Aerobic activities like cycling, rowing machine or jogging canhelp you decrease the amount of excess body fat when combined with properdieting. These exercises will develop your muscles and improve bloodcirculation, preventing cellulite in that way too.

Weight training is great exercise for both men and women. Ofcourse, women should lift lighter weights and exercise with them to engagetheir muscles and melt the fat deposits. Recommended exercises are those whichengage the muscles of the whole body, like squats.

Proper Nutrition

There are several ground rules you should follow to reduceor prevent cellulite. First of all: forget refined foods and high fat meals. Fattyfood can be stored in your body and you certainly don’t want any more fat thanyou already have. When it comes to processed foods, too much sugar andadditives are not good for anyone, especially for people having cellulite.

Carbohydrate meal in the evening is probably bad idea,because some of these ingredients might be stored as body fat while you aresleeping.

What you have to eat is natural food as much as you can, insmall portions throughout the day. Amount of calories should be approximatelythe same in all meals during the day. Also, keep in mind that snacks you eatshould also be healthy.

Plenty of water is necessary and 8 glasses of water arerecommended by most doctors. It will remove toxins responsible for the creationof cellulite, so remember that fact and drink a glass of water every once in awhile. Avoid food and drinks that might cause accumulation of these toxins. If youare using coffee, tea, alcohol or cigarettes, you might want to get rid ofthese habits, as they can intoxicate your body and cause cellulite.

What Else Can You Do against Cellulite?

Taking sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins is goodfor the skin on your body, even on the areas affected by cellulite.

Regular massage can reduce cellulite or at least decreaseits visibility.

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