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The calves are ones of the biggest paired muscles, and they are located on the back of the legs. They are connected to the heel bone by the Achilles tendon and to the knee bone. First of all, not too much fat tends to accumulate in this region and this is why this problem of reducing the fat from calves can be easily solved. Secondly, those muscles are always the first to be warmed up and the process of burning the fat commences in this region, simply because a lot of workouts are actually based on the movements that include the use of precisely these muscles. Because of that, sometimes the problem of the ugly, piled up and too wide muscles emerges, if the proper stretching wasn’t done after the trainings.Which training is the best?

The most effective workouts are skating, running and riding a bicycle, but the most usually done exercises at a gym are lifting the weights using the calf muscles. Or it can be even done at home, that is, by replacing the weights with the weight of the body (by just standing on the tip of the toes in the series). This useful exercise can be aggravated by standing on the toes of just one foot.

When the exercises are decided to be even more intense, they should be done in a gym. Especially effective are certain gym machines designed precisely for these muscles. They are intended to burn the fat of the area below the calves, too, because the more versatile motions could be performed on it. The other type of this machine is intended to be used when sitting on it, with the lover parts of the legs hanging from certain platform. Since that way the stress on the knees and heels is excluded, this machine is very beneficial for focusing only on the calves and very effective as well.

As already mentioned, skating is one of the best activities for reducing the amount of the fat in the area of calves. Firstly, that is because, unlike the running for example, there isn’t excessive stress on the knees, heels and joints. Also, these training sessions can be very explosive and therefore effective, but without the negative side-effects of such an effort.

Although the excessive running can be harmful for the mentioned parts of the body, it is good to emphasize that the running is beneficial for overall health since it is the basis of every aerobic, hence the cardiac workout.

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