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Problem of male chest fat

Many mendeal with the problem of chest fat. Not everyone wants or have enough money toundergo the surgical procedure such as liposuction. Due to chest fat, men losetheir self-esteem and are embarrassed of their appearance. Based on theexperience of one person who managed to lose that bad looking fat, we will giveyou some tips that you can use to solve this problem.

The firstthing that you have to do is cardio exercises. It is not advised to liftweight and increase your breast muscles, because then they will look evenbigger. Before you begin, measure your maximum heart rate so that you will knowhow far you can go with the exercises. Your timetable has to consist of 30minutes of exercises, four days in a week. It is important to emphasize thatthose exercises must be intense, so that you can experience their full effect.

Example of interval training

Thefollowing section relates to interval training. Interval training is animportant part of cardio exercises providing you with good results. The brightside of interval training is that you can apply it to whatever activity youprefer, and here is an example of interval training that gave very good results. Inthe first 2 minutes, 60% of maximum intensity is exploited, during 3rd,4th and 5th minute 10% of intensity is added on every minuteresulting in exploiting 100% of intensity in the 6th minute. Fromthe 7th to 10th minute the same process from the 3rdto the 6th minute is repeated, and the same thing is done from 11thto 14th minute and from the 15th to 19thminute. The thing that differs from the 15th to 19thminute is 2 minutes at 100% that shouldn’t be done. And finally, use only 60% of your maximumintensity at 20th minute.

These tipsdo not apply to enlargement of male breasts, because it is a medical conditionthat calls for medical treatment. Due to gynecomastia, a hormonal imbalanceappears and the level of estrogen is increased while testosterone decreased. Ifyou suffer from gynecomastia and want to reduce your breasts, you have to dealwith hormonal problems and lead them to normal level. Sound physical trainingregimes can help you in balancing your hormones in a natural way, avoidingsurgical procedures that demand a lot of time. We hope that these tips will help you solve your problem.

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