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Fat tissue mightinduce several medical problems, starting with increased levels of cholesterol,glucose, triglycerides etc. These higher levels, if left untreated, might induceseveral conditions that are not mild or light at all. First of all, there isdiabetes, a condition that requires a lot of discipline and a strict liferegime. And there are heart problems, which might lead to a tragic end. Ofcourse, we are talking about people who live with extreme obesity for decades,so fat tissue should be eliminated as soon as possible.


There are certainareas that cannot lose fat so easily, or that is just what it seems to us. Weare talking about belly fat. It seems that abdominal area tends to store morefat than most of the other areas in the organism. Also, the problem here isthat when overeating, intestines tend to become wider, increasing the overallvolume of the abdomen, tricking us into thinking there is more fat than thereactually is. To lose stubborn fateasily, nothing else than the usual things must be done and those are dieting and exercising.


To burn fat, itis essential to reduce the total amount of calories taken by food. The differencein value of calories taken and needed will start a fat burning process. If thedifference is big, more fat will be burned. But, some caution is needed here because total reduction of calories will start certain processes in theorganism, which have toxins as a final product, toxins that might be veryharmful, especially for the brain (brainand blood cells use only glucose). Therefore, a healthy diet, with only slightreduction of calories taken should be the safest possible option. Weightreduction will happen slowly in this case, but it will be much healthier. Someexperts recommend a short diet that would eliminate a lot of extra pounds, followed by a healthy diet.


Even though workingout specific muscle areas will put focus on the wanted muscles and they will becomea lot stronger, fat will not be eliminated easily like that from those regions(belly, for example). Cardio workout is much more suitable because it burns fatmore easily throughout the entire organism, including abdomen. Exercises likesit ups and crouches should be done, but in combination with running and swimming.This is the best option when it comes to losing stubborn belly fat.

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