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People who have obesityproblem and who fight it for a long time, have a problem with finding theanswer to the question – what's the best exercise to lose belly flat? It seemsthat belly fat is very stubborn and its fighting spirit is high, even when allother body parts are free from fat.


When it comes toexercises, it really is pointless to perform only abdominal exercises.Scientifically explained, almost all abdominal exercise is performed with theflexion process. Combining that with desktop jobs most of us have, it isobvious that over time, muscle length is slightly shortened, which is not good,of course. This tells us that the entire upper area should be worked outproperly and also overall posture has to be a lot better. Constant slightlybending while sitting further more decreases the length of the muscles, whichmakes the belly fat even more emphasized. Cardio exercises should be appliedbecause those emphasize workout of the entire body, including all musclegroups, which is a great thing for increasing the basal metabolism rate. A moreactive metabolism will burn fat more efficiently, including that particularbelly fat.

This does not mean thatclassic abs workout should not be applied. Cardio workout is needed toeliminate the fat, but once it is gone, a powerful six pack will be present.And that is done with sit ups, crouches, leg raising etc. It is important toknow there are three major groups of abdominal muscles, those positioned inupper, lower and side areas. Lower abdominals are interesting, becauseexercising those will create a positive effect on all other areas, while thisis not the case when performing upper and side abdominals.


It is obvious thatexercising only will get us to the certain point from which additional help isneeded. That help comes in a form or healthy eating habits, those that includehaving 5 healthy meals in a day, with no skipping and with eating at the sameintervals. Also, the structure of those meals is very important. All nutrientsmust be included, with proper ratio between carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Also, when choosing a proper method for dealing with belly and other fat, it isessential to consult a doctor, especially if the use of supplements will bepresent. There might be some allergy lurking in a product that must be avoided.Allergy reactions are usually mild, but in some rare cases, even life can bethreatened.

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