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Belly fat

Belly fat is the extremely common and it is not unlikely to see that even slender people have a belly that they would get rid of with pleasure.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to lose belly fat. Excessive body fat most likely starts to store in the belly area and these fat reserves on the stomach stay the longest, even if the body loses fat in other areas.


Visceral fat, or abdominal fat may be unpleasant but it also bears some important health warnings. This kind of fat is especially dangerous because the liver turns it into cholesterol and it further circulates through the blood stream building up dangerous fatty plaque that keeps narrowing the arteries. This increases the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.


A lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle increase the formations of visceral fat. Unbalanced calorie diets, many empty calories and the excessive consumption of carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, pastries, pasta, white bread etc) will affect the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Other reasons involve hormonal imbalance, genetics and the habit of smoking that produces the very same hormones as stress.

Tips to lose belly weight

Many fitness guides will instruct in all manners of abdominal exercises. The only way to make the muscles visible is to reduce visceral fat, however. Exercises targeting the abdominal area will not affect the visceral fat, but only the underlying muscles. Only the combination of aerobic and strength exercises will help losing weight and melting the visceral fat away.

30 minutes to an hour of cardio workouts performed every day is enough to get trim and healthy rapidly. Walking from and to work, instead of using a car or public transportation, as well as cycling, are great ways to exercise regularly. Jogging is another nice and relaxing option. It is important to find the most enjoyable aerobic exercise and adopt it as a quality addition to the every day routine.

Increasing the muscles means that the body needs more energy so it will burn more fat and the diet will be more efficient.

Tips for effective diet

Balancing dieting without any restricting diets is the most desirable way to go. Healthy eating habits should become a normal routine. A lot of organic vegetables, wholegrain like brown bread or rice and plenty of fibers are an excellent choice. Good fats, such as olive oils, are a prefect addition. Plenty of water will help detoxify the body and stay well hydrated while controlling the appetite.

Healthier diets and above all more exercise will help lessen stress levels. Stress often raises blood pressure and causes excessive smoking and eating as a result of nervous tension. Lifestyle moderation that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet should form a brand new set of highly enjoyable habits.

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