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Skin Age Spots

We will talk about the problem of the spots on the skin caused by the sun, which can be prevented. We will try to explain what age spots really are and what causes them. There is a belief that is untrue, that they are caused by aging. We will state several true causes and some ways this problem can be prevented

Causes of Age Spots on Skin

The ozone layer is crumbling more and more, thus creating bigger problems for us. The main cause for the problem we are talking about is the sun and it has nothing to do with aging. Brown spots can be caused by the pigmentation provoked by the ultraviolet rays like the ones in the sun tan saloons. The spots can also be a product of melanin production that becomes increased because of the age. Freckles, form of a spot, can be caused by the liver spots. The most common locations of these freckles are face, hands, shoulders and arms; basically, the locations most exposed to the influence of the sun. Skin moles are a similar problem and sometimes they are mistaken for spots. It is important to see a professional who will determine the exact problem present. Age spots are usually brown, look like flat circles, small, clustering occasionally, and sometimes, they are red in color.


In more benign cases, even a counter bleaching product can be an effective treatment. The problem can be camouflaged with the use of lotions or a concealer. There are more professional kinds of streamer. They are laser skin rejuvenation and microdermabrasion. The dead layer from the skin will be cleaned off with the use of the chemicals. They have vitamin A that rejuvenates the skin. Another possible treatment involves liquid nitrogen, used for destruction of excess pigmentation, and this treatment is called cryotherapy. Therapy with skin polisher is an option also.


Home remedies can be very effective with this problem. Try rubbing a cut lemon two times during the day. You can also use a cucumber or papaya paste, or you can put a mix of orange juice and vinegar or castor oil. Another effective mixture is the one of olive oil and vinegar. You can also try putting a sliced onion on the troubling location, or you can always exfoliate the skin. Try using the bleach product and fade away creams. Sunscreens are a necessity. You can try to eliminate the dead skin layer with the use of alpha hydroxy acid or face creams. Naturally, the most effective way of prevention is sun avoidance. Try to wear hats and sunglasses when the day is sunny. Also, be sure to take a lot of vitamin C and E. Try to maintain skin care and try to prevent the problem instead of treating it.

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