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Skin discoloration can be induced by many external factor including pregnancy, birth control pills and sun exposure. Skin discoloration manifests in the form of dark round patches that appear on the external layer of the skin. Sometimes, the cause for it is simply the excess production of melanin in the skin and if this is the cause, then dark circles appear on the skin. Since people who are fair already have a low level of melanin, then skin discoloration will be distinctly visible.

Facial Skin Discoloration Causes

As we have said earlier, the causes that lead to skin discoloration can vary, but the most prominent ones are stated below. The first cause is overexposure to sun. As we all know, our skin is very sensitive and reacts to all kinds of weather conditions, sun, wind, snow. So, if we spend too much time exposing our skin to sun in the period of day when it is the strongest, our skin will react fast by creating dark patches, and then you have to react promptly in order to prevent your face from further damage. In pregnancy our body changes and hormonal imbalance appears and these hormonal changes have influence on our skin in the form of melasma. In the case of melasma, brown patches appear on the nose, cheeks and chin. Their shape isn’t so regular and the cause for their appearance is too much melanin concentration on one place. Birth pills can cause skin discoloration because they also have a lot of synthetically prepared hormones that produce a lot of melanin, and due to that they are to be blamed for skin discoloration. People who are over 50 years of age can have age spots that are nothing less than the patches that have been created because of too much sun exposure over the years.


There are some homemade remedies that can be used in order to eliminate those discomforting dark patches on your skin and restore your look as it used to be.

Buttermilk. Because of its compounds, buttermilk is thought as one of the best ways to restore your previous look. The credits go to lactic acid, which is a natural moisturizer and provides help in repairing the damaged skin. You can apply it on your skin with cotton balls and in no time the tonus of your skin will improveLemon Juice can also help in skin discoloration. The only thing that you have to do is to squeeze the lemon and apply it on your affected skin areas.Chemical peels and laser therapy belong to the medical ways of skin discoloration treatments and are proved that they are also a powerful means in the fight against skin discoloration. You can try these two methods if the treatments with natural remedies fail.

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