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When dark spots appear on knees or elbows, it can be quite distressful, especially for women, since they pay more attention on the looks of their skin then men. According to one research where a number of men were asked about their attractiveness to the women, it was concluded that they notice the skin on the women’s elbow and they are very much attracted by those woman whose skin on the elbow is healthy and soft.

Dark spots on knees and elbows may appear in men as well, and even though it is not a reason for concern, it is usually accompanied by dry and flaky skin. However, these dark spots on knees and elbows can be removed by several treatments.Causes of dark spots on knees and elbows

This condition is more frequent in adults and elderly population and only small part of young population experiences it, which is why it can be concluded that the occurrence of dark spots on knees and elbows is associated with aging.When the knee or the elbows are frequently rubbed during daily activities, it can lead to the darkening of the skin on these parts and dark and dry patches might appear.Dark spots on knees and elbows is a condition that tends to run in family, so if a parent or a close family member has it, it is also possible that it can be inherited from them due to certain genes which are responsible for that.Knees and elbows should also be included into everyday skin care. Otherwise, dark spots and dry skin can appear on these parts of the body.When elbows or knees are exposed to the sun rays for a long period of time without any protection, they may become darker more rapidly, unlike the other parts of the body.There are also some medical conditions which are responsible for the occurrence of dark spots on knees and elbows; for example, Addison’s disease.In women, ovarian cysts and hormonal imbalance in pregnancy may also lead to the occurrence of dark spots on elbows and knees. Furthermore, the consummation of certain medicines leads to this condition.It is very important to know the cause for the appearance of dark spots on knees and elbows in order to treat them successfully. The medical attention is not necessary for this condition, but it is only necessary to detect the cause and eliminate it with certain home remedies.

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