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The skin disorder called age spots, is also known as liver spots, lentigines and sun spots. They are brown or yellow in color and occur due to very long exposure to the sun. This condition is called age spots since it typically occurs in people who are above 40 years of age. However, it can occur in everyone and it is not associated with the age of the individual who develop it. This skin disorder is just called age spots since older people’s skin is exposed to the sun for a longer period of time.

Age spots usually appear on the neck, back of the hands and on the face, since these areas are most exposed to the sun. Age spots on the skin are not harmful but they can be quite annoying. Age spots on face could make some people looks older than they really are which makes this condition is a little frustrating.

Causes of age spots on face

The sun’s UV rays are responsible for the development of age spots on the skin. Melatonin in the skin determines the skin tone, which is why people lacking melatonin, have light skin. On the other hand, in those people who have more melatonin present in the skin, the skin tone is darker. The higher production of melatonin is triggered when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays. When excess melatonin builds up in clusters in the skin, dark spots appear. Apart from exposure to the sun, age spots can also be caused by liver diseases, genetic conditions and nutritional deficiency.

Removal of age spots on face

Fortunately, age spots are curable and can be removed. The person with this condition should first consult a dermatologist who will recommend the best treatment for this condition. There are certain anti-aging creams that can successively cure age spots on the face and these creams should be high in bleaching agents, such as hydroquinone.

Chemical peels are also very effective when it comes to the treatment of age spots. The chemical peels that contain glycolic acid should be applied on the face and then removed after several minutes. The facial peeling should be repeated several times in order to remove all age spots. Those people who can afford it should undergo a laser treatment since it is the best method for removing the age spots.

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