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Brown spots and freckles that come with age usually causeembarrassment. Laser surgery can eliminate smaller spots and legions on theface and neck area and it does not cause redness and bruising usually associatedwith other types of laser surgery.

The light beam treats vascular and pigmentedlesions with no traumatic experiences, so it is effective and safe and itsresults are immediate. Laser treatment dates back to the 1960s and it has beenpredominantly used in plastic surgery and dermatology. The light from the laserbeam gets absorbed by the red blood cells carrying melanin and oxygen, and itdestroys the unwanted cells, leaving just the healthy cells in the body andsurface of the dermis does not break during the procedure. Vascular legionsform when too many blood vessels appear in the epidermal layers of theskin, while the pigmented legions are the product of melanin having too manymelanocytes, thus resulting in freckles and brown spots.

Laser surgeries are very individual due to the differences andcharacteristics of each patient. Anesthesia is not required for theprocedure, and some patients may feel just a slight tingling sensation. In somecases, the area that was exposed to the light beam may get swollen for totwo days. No postoperative care requirements are needed and the patient usuallysees a significant improvement after two to three weeks. The procedure lasts a couple of minutes and depending on the depth of pigmentation, sometimesmultiple sessions are required.

Lentigines are caused by too much sun exposure, keratosesare elevated and are usually found on the backs of the hands, freckles are usuallyfound on people with fairer skin and dermatosis papulosis nigra is usuallyassociated with Asian and African people. All of them can be treatedsuccessfully with laser surgery. Lentigines are the most persistent and themost common ones. All types of spots must be diagnosed in order to determinewhether they are malignant or not. Sometimes sun protection and anti agingand skin fading creams may fade the brown spots naturally over the course oftime.

Other options for the removal of these brown spots are availableas well. A deep tissue chemical peel is one of them and it burns off the firstfew layers of epidermis and removes the brown spots as long as they are not inthe dermal layers of the skin. The peels must be repeated since they are not apermanent solution to the problem.

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