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The truth is that headaches can occur due to a number of reasons, which is why many people are usually focused on relieving and getting rid of them instead on determining the cause. However, if they become frequent, persistent or excruciatingly painful, it will be necessary to visit a doctor in order to find out what it is all about and what triggers them. But if a headache occurs from time to time, there is no reason for taking any other step except the one which is taken by the greatest majority of people – taking a pill.

Is pill the only thing that can help in getting rid of a headache?

The cause is one of the most important elements and how effective the pill will be depends on it to a great extent. Still, when having in mind that medications are made of chemicals that are usually not natural, it might be a good idea to avoid their taking whenever it is possible. And when it comes to headaches, there are numerous home remedies that can help as well. For example, taking a warm bath can help, as well as taking a nap in a room which is darkened. Ice packs can be applied to the temples, forehead or some other area that is in pain, as well as applying gentle but repeated pressure with a finger for 15 seconds.

Homemade remedies for headaches

A paste made of cinnamon and water can help with headache if it is applied to the temples or forehead. An instant relief practically will be provided if a person takes flowers of henna and rubs them in vinegar before applying them over the forehead. It is highly recommended to have a ripe apple with a little salt on an empty stomach for a week in order to get rid of persistent headaches. However, the upper rind and inner hard portion should be removed first. Lemon can help as well, and in many cases it is enough to only drink a juice of freshly squeezed lemon. If a headache is caused by heat, lemon crust can be used to make a paste, which should then be applied on the forehead. A tea made of ginger, coriander seeds and cumin can also be used when a person has a headache. Eucalyptus, almond or coconut oil can be used for a massage when a relief from a headache is needed.

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