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Every day, human body produces about 1 to 3 pints of gas, soif you think it is happening only to you, you are wrong. About 14 times in 24hours is considered to be perfectly normal for everyone and it happens because ofthe breakdown of undigested food and swallowing the air. Whenever you aretalking or eating you swallow small portion of air so it has to come out,either by burping or through rectum. Also, some carbohydrates can’t be absorbedfrom the small intestine. These are passed to large intestine and broken down bynatural flora (bacteria) that lives there, which in turn produces gasses which are passedout through the rectum.

Stomach gas usually contains hydrogen, oxygen, carbondioxide, nitrogen and methane. All these gases are odorless, but the smell ofstomach gas comes from colon bacteria which release sulfur. This digestive problem is very common but still embarrassing.If you suffer from stomach gases, you should know that diet and lifestylechanges can make them less frequent and there are some natural remedies knownto ease this problem.

How to Swallow Less Air?

Since the stomach gases might be produced by too much air inthe body, it is essential to eat slowly and chew your food carefully. Hard candiesand gums should be avoided because chewing them may make you swallow air. Also,avoid smoking for this habit may also cause stomach gases.

Change Your Diet

Some food is well known to cause excess gases and you cantry to avoid it. So, don’t use anything rich in carbohydrates or fibers, such asbeans, cabbage, cauliflower, radish, egg plant onions, apples, bananas,peaches, prunes, citrus fruits. Milk, ice-creams and pastries and artificialsweeteners can also be the cause of gases and you should avoid these as well. Fattyfood is also proven to cause flatulence, so try not to use too much of it.

Natural Flatulence Remedies

Eat more yogurts with live bacteria cultures and make sureto eat regularly every day.

Garlic soup is found out to be one of the best remedies forexcessive flatulence, lack of appetite, bloating or overeating. It is usually combinedwith black pepper, coriander seeds and a little bit of cumin.

Cumin can be also used on its own. As cumin water, it isrecommended to be used once a day to relieve excessive gases.

Ginger, basil or fennel are also frequently used asflatulence remedies. Chew some basil leaves in the morning or few fennel seedsafter the meal. Sucking some ginger soaked in lemon juice can also prove to be helpfulwith gases.

Ajwain and pineapple decoction is another remedy popularamong people suffering from excessive flatulence.

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