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Motion sickness happens as a result of the mixed signalswhich are sent to the brain from the various parts of the body while traveling.Any kind of travel can set it off – bus, car, train or plane. The first signs ofmotion sickness are simply paleness, weariness, cold sweat and slightdiscomfort in the stomach. However, as they advance, they become more intenseand the lightheadedness increases, as well as the stomach pain, and they mayeventually result in vomiting.

The prime solution in dealing with nausea or any sickness ofthe kind has always been ginger. Its main ingredient gingerol, which is knownto be a spice of strong flavor, is said to be the best solution for motionsickness. While this may be unpleasant for some people, if they suffer frommotion sickness, they should really try to surpass the repulsion as it is farmore effective than any pharmaceutical drugs which are used with that purpose.Not only that, but it is also devoid from all the uncomfortable side effects whichmay occur when taking drugs to reduce motion sickness, such as heart trembling,dizziness and lethargy.

The way ginger deals with motion sickness is by absorbingall the toxins and stomach acids. That way it reduces its effects to thedigestive system.

There are various forms in which ginger can be inserted intothe organism. Choosing any of these ways will be equally helpful.

First of these is ginger tea, an energizing and revitalizingmixture of ginger root, lemon juice, peppermint and water. It is best to drinka cup of it about half an hour before the trip, but making sure to bring someis a good safety measure for symptoms might reappear sometime during the trip.Even though it’s fine to drink it cold as well, to take the most advantagepossible of it, it should be drunk hot.

Another way to drink ginger is in the form of ginger ale. Thisis a sweetened soft drink flavored with ginger which includes raspberry leaf,carbonated and the plain water and a little lemon juice, and it is quite easy toprepare.

If these ways of preparing for a motion sickness-free tripsound like something of a bore, there is a possibility to find gingerol in theform of a capsule in health food stores. Taking one capsule half an hour beforethe trip in order to have enough time for its effect to kick in, and taking twocapsules per four hours should do the trick.

However, if any of the symptoms seem a bit too extreme, itis a good idea to consult a doctor, since they may not be caused only by motionsickness after all.

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