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The pH level of human blood is somewhere between 7.35 and 7.45. That means that human blood is somewhat acidic. The pH level of 7.0 is considered as neutral. Values below this point are considered as acidic and above – alkaline. If the pH level of the blood rises or lowers considerably, it could lead to many disorders and diseases.

Usually, pH level of the blood gets reduced if people are eating acidic food. Consequences of acidic pH are: toxic overload, suppressed immune reaction, emotional stress, and deprivation in absorbing important nutrients. The body will try to balance pH level by using alkaline minerals. Still, if there are not enough minerals in the body, acid will start to pile up in the cells.

If acid piles up in the body cells, the body’s ability to absorb minerals can be reduced and that diminishes the energy production. Consequently, insufficient amounts of energy can cause inability of the body to repair the damage done by free radicals, toxins and other dangerous substances. If the pH level decreases below 6.9, one can experience fatigue and even fall into the coma.

Today’s diets consist of highly acidic foods such as eggs, dairy, meat, etc. On the other side, intake of alkaline food such as vegetables and fruits is inadequate. Furthermore, using supplements, medications and drugs can lead to increased levels of acid in the blood. Because of that, you should cut down on your acid intake and raise the intake of alkaline foods.

Highly acidic Foods

Highly acidic foods are: beef, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, pork, goat and lamb meat, sugar, beer, chocolate, coffee, chicken, fish, eggs, etc. There are also acidic fats and oils that we use in our diets. They are: flax oil, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, lard, avocado oil, etc. Fruits and vegetables with the acidic pH level are: blueberries, prunes, cranberries, plums, corn, olives and squash. Acidic grains are: amaranth, barley, rice, corn, wheat, oats and spelt. Besides grains, there are acidic legumes, such as different kinds of peas and beans. Dairy products, pasta and nuts are also considered acidic.


You should also change your lifestyle. That means that you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food and drinking sodas and sugar rich beverages.

As it is said, consumption of some drugs and medicines can increase the level of acids in your blood. This is one more reason for you to stay away from psychedelic drugs and tobacco. Aspirin and other medical drugs can also increase the acid levels in your blood.

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