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There are so many diets out there today, and as everyone knows, some of them simply do not work, and some are even dangerous for the health. Hay diet is one of the most popular diets because it has been proven effective by many people, who have tried it, and it not only protects the health, but it also helps with certain conditions, like asthma and diabetes.

About Hay diet

Hay diet was first introduced in 1911 by Dr. William Howard Hay. It is also known as the food combining diet. Dr. Hay believed that many health issues, from weight gain to certain serious diseases, come from improper chemical balance in the body regarding the acidity and the alkalinity. When a person suffers from acidity, it lowers the body’s alkaline reserve, leading to health problems. Maintaining the balance between acidity and alkalinity is the basic principle of this diet.

Hay diet rules

Hay diet offers several guidelines for maintaining the chemical balance in the body. According to Dr. Hay, the diet should comprise mostly of vegetables, fruits and salads. Foods rich in starch, protein and fat should be consumed in smaller amounts.

Sugar and starch should not be taken at the same time as protein and acidic fruit, while milk should never be consumed to accompany a meal.

Refined and processed foods are not allowed at all in this diet. The gap between the meals that contain starch or sugar should be at least four hours.

Dr. Hay divided all food items into three categories, along with strict rules about their combination.

The list A contains proteins and sources like meat, fish, poultry, soy, eggs, milk and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, cream and similar.

The list B includes neutral foods, vegetables, fruit, salads, seeds and nuts, herbs, creams, butter and olive oil.

The list C comprises of starchy and sugary foods like biscuits, cakes, cookies, candy, crackers, pasta, bread, oats, rice, potatoes and honey.

Rules for food combining are simple. Foods from the list A cause acid formation in the body, those in the list B are alkaline while those in the list C are acidic in nature.

Foods from the lists A and C should never be combined in a meal, whether in a single dish or in two separate dishes that makes one meal. Combining foods from the lists B and C and those from the lists A and B is allowed and healthy.

Hay diet is considered healthy as it emphasizes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and does not allow generally unhealthy food types like fatty, greasy and processed foods. In addition, it helps with certain ailments, like chest infections, allergies, asthma and it improves the digestion and reduces the risk of gallstones, diabetes and heart disease.

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