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Alkaline diet for weight loss

There are plenty of options for people to lose weight nowadays. However, lots of them do not include one of the most important things and that is alkalinity. In order for the body to function properly there must be a balance between acids and alkaline. If a person is too acidic then he or she is more exposed to diseases and weight gain. A person who is more alkaline has lesser chance of ending up with some type of cancer.A person who is alkaline means that he or she is not acidic.The blood depends on the alkaline pH in order to function the way it should. If that is not the case the red blood cells will die, coagulate and expel the waste right into the blood. When this happens the oxygen will not be transported to the cells and the body will remove the harmful acids from the blood and store them in the fat cells.Fat cells will hold onto this acid. This is why a person's weight is connected with the acid-alkaline balance.A proper diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

Alkaline foods

Among all foods, fruits and vegetables are the best source of alkaline-forming foods. This is because fruits and vegetables have lots of alkalizing minerals. These minerals are calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables have few acidifying ingredients like sulfur and nitrogen.

Among all vegetables, greens are the ones that have the highest amounts of alkalinity. These greens are grasses, green vegetables and sea vegetables. A person who includes these greens into the diet will not only be a lot safer from diseases but will maintain a thin line as well.

When a person rapidly introduces green foods to his or her diet he or she will become more alkaline. This will result in improvement of results when weight loss is considered because the acid which a person does not need will be replaced. If a person doubts this all he or she needs to think about is how many overweight vegetarians he or she knows. People who are vegetarians or vegans have a greater chance of remaining thin because they do not eat garbage foods.

4 ways to alkalize your body

The first thing a person should do is to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. At least one green juice or salad per day should be eaten.The second thing is to drink a lot of water.The third thing is breathing. A person should take a few minutes per day and concentrate on deep breathing because oxygen is alkalizing.The last thing a person can do to improve the alkalinity in the body is to avoid the intake of processed foods, artificial sweeteners and coffee and sodas.

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