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The elimination of excess acid can be done with the help of the alkaline food, or more precisely, if you follow a diet that consists of 80% of these foods. Acidity or acid reflux is a common problem today. Stress and modern lifestyle contribute to the creation of this condition, which leads to heartburn and other problems. Eating processed and oily food can lead to acid reflux. Medication and some drugs may produce the acid reflux, while acids level in our body can be increased due to excessive consumption of sugar, oil, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea. The problem of acid reflux needs the treatment since many complications can arise if the treatment is not conducted. Also, if weight loss diets you have conducted proved fruitless, you can try alkaline diet for body weight reduction. This diet has 10-20% of acidic foods and 80-90% of foods rich with alkaline.


The level of acidity is expressed through the ph. level, which should be approximately 7.4. A concentration of hydrogen located in a solution is measured with a scale called power of hydrogen. Organ, tissue and cell functioning can be hampered by the ph. level if it is altered. Digestive system can be healthy if the acid that is excessive is removed from the body and ph. levels are normalized. This can be done by several body organs. In the following text, we will give you a list of food that can have the same effect.

Food List

Several conditions can occur due to high acidic level. The diet comprising of high-alkalized food is not entirely healthy since it does not contain essential nutrients that the body requires. Alkaline diet will reduce the chances of cancer and heart attack, boost energy and decrease weight, but the nutrition cannot depend only on these food items. The best solution is to have a balanced diet with alkaline foods and acidic foods. Fruits that are high with alkaline are pear, melon, orange, pineapple, lemon, peach, banana, raisins, fresh coconut, cherries, dried figs, dates, berries, avocado, apricot, apple and others. Wheat grass, tomato, sweet potato, spinach, pumpkins, peppers, peas, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, green peas, green beans, garlic, eggplant, dandelions, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, beets and alfalfa are vegetables with high alkaline level. Rice syrup, maple syrup and stevia are alkalizing sweeteners. Alkalizing proteins are millet, whey protein powder, chestnuts, almonds and fermented tofu. Spices considered to be alkalizing are chili pepper, tamari, sea salt, cinnamon and ginger, while vegetable broth, almond milk, non-sweetened soymilk, pure water, mineral water, fresh vegetable juice, herbal tea and lemon water are beverages considered alkalizing. The food's ph level does not affect the tendency of the food to form alkaline or acid in the body. There are several foods, like lemons, which are acidic, but after digestion, they become alkaline. Also, some foods are acidic after the digestion, while they are alkaline before it, such as meat. Extreme caution is needed when intake of high alkaline foods is concerned.

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