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Pain in the left side of the abdomen

Even though there is a number of possible causes of this typeof the pain, the fact is that the diagnosis also depends on the gender of thepatient, as well as on the detail that refers to whether the pain is felt inthe upper or lower part of the abdomen. To start with, some of the organs that are positioned in the left side of the abdomen are the spleen, kidney, left ureter, left adrenal gland, as well as left partof the liver, a part of the large intestine, part of the pancreas and anumber of blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. In women, the left side of the abdomen is where left ovaryand left fallopian tube are also positioned. Besides the fact that the majorityof diseases and problems with these organs have pain in the left side of theabdomen as a symptom, certain diseases that affect organs which are not locatedhere can also result in this kind of pain.

Causes of pain in the left side of abdomen

When having in mind the number of possible causes of thispain, it is more than obvious that it should not be ignored. Some of theconditions that this pain indicates can be very serious, and require medicalattention, although sometimes this pain can be harmless and only temporary. Eventhough the list is very long, some of the most frequent causes are:

Obstruction of small or large intestine is a condition that aside from the pain, also resultsin constipation, and sometimes even vomiting and loose stool.Diverticulitis is more common in elderly people, and besidesthis pain, it can also provoke nausea and bloating.Kidney stones is also a condition that can result in pain inthe left side of the abdomen, particularly if the stone is in the left kidney.Digestive problems can also result in this type of pain, aswell as in burning sensation, both of which are usually relieved with the help of painkillers but only for a shorttime.Pelvic inflammatory disease is typical of women, and in suchcases, the pain is dull and accompanied by fever. If ignored or untreated for sometime, it might provoke more than serious complications, of which some may evenbe permanent.Intestinal parasites are particularly common in children,and improper chewing of food is usually one of the main culprits for their occurrence.

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