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A lump in stomach may be a symptom of serious underlying medical condition and this is why it is not supposed to be neglected and ignored. A lump can be easily defined as a soft or hard bulge or protuberance in the skin. It can affect any part of the body and vary in size. Some lumps are painful while others are not accompanied by pain. The presence of the lumps in many cases points to the presence of cancers. Still, they do not have to represent only this malignant disease. Lumps may also occur in many benign illnesses.

Causes of Lump in Stomach

There are many causes of lump in stomach. However, the most common are abdominal hernia, urinary tract infection and stomach cancer.

Abdominal hernia represents protrusion of the intestine through the weak abdominal muscles. The lump consists of the skin, underlying tissue and intestine. Abdominal hernia may affect people of all ages. Still, there is predisposition for this illness. Namely, people with weak abdominal muscles as well as those who face increased intraabdominal pressure are more prone to abdominal hernia. This particularly refers to pregnant women and obese people. Abdominal hernia can be classified into several types according to its location and there are epigastric hernia, femoral hernia, incisional hernia,umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia and indirect inguinal hernia. A lump caused by intestinal herniation can increase in size if the abdominal pressure rises.

Another cause of lump in stomach can be associated with urinary tract infection. The infection in this case affects only some parts of the urinary tract or starts in one part and then spreads onto the other organs of the urinary tract. Infection of urinary tract does not feature with a single lump in stomach but there is general abdominal bulging and discomfort. The patients additionally complain about pain in the bladder or kidney area, painful and frequent urination which all points to the presence of infection and makes setting of the diagnosis rather easy.

And finally, one more cause of lump in stomach is stomach cancer. This is a malignant disease which develops from the stomach cells, grows uncontrollably and tends to spread and affect surrounding organs and tissues. Only if big enough and in case of skinny patients this tumor may be visible on the front wall of the abdomen and easily palpated. The previously mentioned points to the progression of the disease with the poor prognosis.

Treatment for Lump in Stomach

If a person discovers a lump in abdomen he/ she is supposed to report it to the doctor. Abdominal hernia is easily treated surgically and only if left untreated it may cause certain complications such as intestinal strangulation and incarceration. Urinary tract infections are successfully treated with antibiotics while stomach cancer requires several treatment modalities including surgery, chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy. Which of the previously mentioned is going to be applied basically depends of the stage of the disease, pathohistological type of the tumor, its grade, and general health of the patient.

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