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Forthose who are not that familiar with the anatomy of the abdomen, it iscomprised of four distinct parts, i.e. areas, namely upper left, lower left,upper right and lower right abdomen. Having left side abdominal pain in mind,it needs to be pointed out that this represents the pain that occurs in theupper left and lower left regions of the abdomen.

“Painin the neck”

Thetype of pain referred to in the section above most frequently occurs in theleft side, as well as the right side and also in abdomen as a whole. Almost eachand every person faces this kind of pain at least once in his/her life. Due toits unpleasant and also serious nature, no one should disregard it once itoccurs, but visit the doctor in order to make sure what lies at its bottom. Giventhe fact that it mainly depends on the underlying condition, i.e. the maincause, this kind of pain can vary significantly. What this means is that thistype of pain is at some point dull, whereas at other it can be painstakingly sharp. Certainpersons come down with throbbing pain, others feel it in the form of cramps. Asfar as the nature of this kind of pain is concerned, it can be chronic and oflonger duration for certain people, but it can also occur out of the blue and beacute in nature. In addition, in certain cases it is accompanied by nauseaand vomiting.

Maincausers and culprits

Inorder for the exact whereabouts of the pain to be determined and the mainculprit to be found, there has to be quite a detailed research study on thismatter. This type of pain can appear as a direct consequence of certain mishapsand harm made to any of the following bodily organs – stomach, left part of theliver, left kidney, spleen, left side of the large intestine, left ureter,descending colon, sigmoid colon, pancreas, descending colon,sigmoid colon, left adrenal gland, blood vessels, nerves, muscles and skin.

Mostfrequent symptoms

Manifestationsfollowing this kind of pain are known to be accompanied by indicators of someother illnesses as well. As far as the most evident manifestations areconcerned, they are heartburns, gastritis, diverticulitis, bowel obstruction,stones in kidneys, ulcerative colitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, hepatitis, digestive properties, Crohn’sdisease, pernicious anemia, gallbladder disease and intestinal parasites.

Treatmentof this variety of quite unpleasant pain rests on the most proper and timelydiscovery of the underlying cause that initiates its occurrence. For thispurposes, instruments that are fairly frequently employed in order to get amore complete picture are ultrasound, colonoscopy, barium enema, endoscopy andX-rays, respectively.

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