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Abdominal pain is considered to be quite common physicaldiscomfort. Every person has experienced the pain in the abdomen many times duringhis/her life. Abdomen is the part of the body where many organsare located. Therefore, when abdominal pain occurs, it may be due to disorders or diseases of any of the human organs or structures that can be foundin this area, such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, aorta, intestines, appendixand muscles, as well as nerves and the skin.

Although abdominal pain is a quite common condition,lower left abdominal pain is not quite common since this part of the abdomendoes not contain many organs. However, when the pain in the abdomen occurs, itbecomes worse after eating. It is quite normal. On the other side, the painthat occurs in the lower left abdomen after eating is a very unusual and rare condition.

Causes of lower left abdominal pain after eating

One of the causes responsible for the occurrence ofpain in the lower left side of the abdomen after eating is lactose intolerance.Lactose is an enzyme necessary for breaking down of the lactose in thebody. Lactose is a milk sugar that can be found in dairy products. When onesuffers from lactose intolerance, it means that the body does not produce the enzyme lactose.Therefore, after consuming dairy products, pain in the lower left abdominalarea occurs.The people who suffer from Celiac disease may alsoexperience lower left abdominal pain after eating. Celiac disease is thecondition when the body is not able to break down the protein called gluten. Whenone with this disease eats wheat, barley or ryes, which are the foods thatcontain gluten, he/she may feel pain in the lower left abdomen.Lower left abdominal pain after eating may occur dueto bowel obstruction.Furthermore, irritable bowel syndrome also causespain in this region of the abdomen, and it is agastrointestinal disorder where the foods travels through the digestive tracteither very fast or very slow. The main symptom of this condition is constantaltering of constipation and diarrhea.Diverticulitis is also responsible for theappearance of lower left abdominal pain after eating. This condition characterized by the inflammation of the diverticula that are in the wallof the colon.

Other causes for lower left abdominal pain after eatingmay include stomach bloating and gas, as well as some serious health conditions,such as cancer.

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