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Abdominal pain is presented as the pain in the stomach, appendix, liver and other organs. Usually, most people have abdominal pain at least once in their life, but abdominal pain in the left side should be considered a bit more seriously.Pain in the left side of abdomen can be presented as one of the various types of pain. This pain is often followed either by diarrhea or constipation, but some experience vomiting and nausea as well.It is important to understand the reason of such pain, because it may often be a part of some bigger problem. Some of the causes of the abdominal pain can be divercitilosis, appendicitis, inflammation in the abdomen, blockages in the particular organ like hepatitis and gallstones.This pain must be monitored by a doctor for more than a week, before he is able to give the final diagnosis. It should be checked if it is followed by diarrhea or some other symptoms.Continuous and never-stopping pain in the left side of the abdomen might even be a symptom of colon cancer. In such cases the pain in the left side of abdomen is usually followed by some other symptoms, such as: a feeling of tiredness, cramps in the stomach, a persistent bowel habit, blood in the stool, weight loss and loss of appetite.When discovered at an early stage, a colon cancer can be successfully treated. It is important that the signs are not ignored. People usually do not pay attention to the signs until the tumor is already large. People usually think that they are just tired and nervous. If the tumour is in close proximity to the anus it is easier to notice the colon cancer. If the cancer is in the area of the right side of the abdomen it may cause bleeding and even anemia because of the loss of blood. In the areas of left side of abdomen a cancer may cause a lot of bright red blood that is coming out with stool.

According to the statistics, American nation has a risk of developing colon cancer 6 % (men 44% of developing cancer and women 37 %). Because of these facts, it is important that people over 50 years of age go for a routine screening.

It is important to discover colon cancer at early stage for medical and financial reasons. After the treatment of colon cancer, a patent is usually distressed because of the fact that the treatment is usually not entirely covered by medical insurance.

This is the reason why nowadays people are purchasing supplemental cancer insurance that can help in covering such expenses.

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