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Roundworms In My Stomach?

Roundworms are considered to be themost common type of an intestinal parasite. These worms are able toinhabit intestines of both people and animals. Capable of laying upto thousand eggs daily, all while inside a person's organism, theseparasites can easily be fatal for his or her health and overallwell-being. Therefore, taking into consideration that there are morethan ten thousand types of ringworms, it is necessary to getintroduced with their characteristics and symptoms of their presencein a person's belly. Furthermore, one may benefit from knowing how heor she is able to be cured once these parasites had been found insidehis or her organism.

Roundworm Facts

Stunningly, researches have shown thatthere have been more than a billion cases of roundworms found inhuman organisms. These parasites are distinctive for a hole on eachside of their hollow bodies, primitive organism structure, and ahardly noticeable head. Resembling earthworms, roundworms are able togrow up to 40 centimeters in length. While there are those roundwormsnot depending on other organisms, most of them are parasites, feedingoff humans, plants and animals. Moreover, they are located in almostall parts of the planet, easily adjustable to all environments. Tomake things worse, some of these worms are capable of breeding ontheir own. Thus, a single roundworm in one's organism, being of thehermaphrodite type, is able to multiply by itself, due to thepresence of both sex organs inside its body.

If these organisms infest humans, theyfeed on the nutritive substances from their intestines. They aremostly found in children, even though they might be present in adultsas well. If left untreated, this infestation may cause malnutrition, and gradually, severe health problems, possibly being fatal.

As far as pets and animals areconcerned, they usually contract roundworms while spending time inthe open, from soil or water. If an animal is infested with theseparasites, its young will be too. Thus, make sure you have your petschecked and treated in case they have roundworms.

Another interesting fact is that theseworms may be transferred from one organism to another. So, those whoare diagnosed with these parasites, should be careful not to allowothers to get them from him or her.

Finally, besides causing nutritionproblems, some worms of this type, like trichinella, hookworms,pinworms and many others, may cause different illnesses, making theirinfestation far more serious and potentially life-threatening.

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