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Laughter therapy - An effective treatment

Some people say that the cheapest medicine today is laughter. A person will feel fresh, full of energy and not so old if he or she laughs for just 25 minutes every day. In some situations there is nothing that can help a person as much as laughter. Laughter can help people with high blood pressure, stress, heart problems, weak immune system and people who are depressed and it is a scientific fact. These are not the only situations where laughter helps.

The key of laughter therapy is the idea of positive thinking. This is an ancient philosophy where a person just needs to laugh in order to be healthier and free from mental problems. A person who laughs a lot will feel more free and happy than the person who does not.

How can laughter help in living a healthy life

The root of the problem for many disease lies in stress, tension and depression. People who are tense or under a lot of stress are more likely to suffer from mental imbalance, high blood pressure, heart problems and such diseases. Laughter is the thing that lessens the stress. When a person laughs there is nothing in his or her mind that can cause stress. The blood vessels in the body expand when a person laughs which results in better blood supply to different body parts.

A person can even boost the immune system with laughter. The key lies in positive thinking. For instance, a person who is full of negative energy and feels angered or depressed about some illness he or she is suffering from, then his or her immune system will become weaker. A person who maintains the positive energy while he or she is ill will have a stronger immune system which will result in him or her getting over the illness a lot faster. Laughter is what makes a difference with the immune system. When a person laughs, the production of natural antibodies is better. This fact was even proven in certain research. Because of this, a person will have a stronger immune system which is essential for the protection against cancer, AIDS and such diseases.

People who suffer form insomnia, stress, anxiety or some other mental disorder should laugh more often because it can make a difference.

A strong immune system is important for the fight against some chronic and hereditary diseases, asthma, obesity and addictions as well.

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