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Too much of somethingis almost never good

The mere word stressbears in itself quite a negative connotation. Of course, a bit of it can proveto be the necessary but when a person needs to give his/her best in the currentsituation, but stress in excess is certainly not something a person woulddesire. Therefore, one of the best ways to remain in good mental form and keepthe productivity sky high is by reducing exposure to excessive stress, both athome and in the office. This can be accomplished by employing variousanti-stress techniques and methods that can help you cope with the stress inyour office much better, and thus automatically decrease stress that you takehome with you. If you are among those who seek to free themselves from thisunpleasant “enemy”, then you must be ready to bring in some changes, as well asfollow some of the already practically proven recommendations.

Steps that will bringease

Step 1 – organization is something quite a number of people tend to regard as one of the waysto become more dependable upon their work, and lose control over their sparetime completely. However, even they should be aware that organization has acompletely opposite purpose. Namely, once you have planned your working day tothe detail, you will, quite reasonably, have more time to spare and do what youfeel most comfortable withStep 2 – breathing techniques are considered as one of the best way to relieve and vent yourself from thedaily stress you are confronted with. For example, one such technique involvesslow inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, until you feelrelief.Step 3 – visual imagery is also quite important to visualize your working space as a calm andpleasant one and bring order in it by keeping only those most important fileson the desk, with the rest tucked away and ordered on the shelf, for example.Step 4 – short pauses such as meditation, short walks and exercise in those lunch hours will doperson a world of good.Step 5 – anti-stressdevices like stress balls, can also contribute to keeping the unwanted stressunder control.Step 6 – humor-coloredapproach to life is yet another extremely effective way of dealing withstress. Namely, one should take different points of view regarding the possiblyirritating life situations and turn them into something worth laughing, forlaughter is known to be your best companion in everyday life.Step 7 – importanceof lunch break, which should be used to relax and not for thinking of work, but for concentrating on giving yourself a brake.Step 8 – socializing is one aspect many tend to put to side. Given the fact that coworkers arepeople you see on a daily basis, socializing will help a person pass the day atthe office in a much more pleasant and stress-free manner.Step 9 – sleep yourway to a better day because one of the most important factors that will influence aperson’s day to a huge extent is the night sleep. So, give your body thatlonged for rest, for it will make your day much more enjoyable.Step 10 – wear thosepink glasses - though it can be prettyhard, work is something every person should at least be grateful for, which is apositive thing after all.

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