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How Safe is Laser Liposuction?Laser liposuction is the procedure that uses laser technology to remove the fat and sculpt a patient’s body. Laser liposuction is becoming increasingly popular these days as the quickest method for improving physical appearance.

Marketing for laser liposuction often presents this laser technique as safe, painless and without a risk. Sometimes, you can even hear statements that laser liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia and that it offers rapid recovery in which a patient is released home the same day.

But, since laser liposuction is a surgical procedure it does involve certain potential complications and risks like any other operation. Risks are mainly associated with traditional liposuction methods. On the other hand, newer complications have arisen with introduction of lasers that generate heat. This refers to a risk of thermal injury or skin burns that may take place if the laser fiber is prolonged near the skin.

Laser Liposuction Risks and ComplicationsSkin Loss

If the laser is too aggressively and too long focused on one area it can result in damaged or lost overlying skin. However, if the procedure is performed by skilled and précised surgeon, this risk can be avoided.

Skin BurnsIn laser liposuction, heat produced by the laser helps to dissolve fat for easier fat removal. But, if the procedure is done by inexperienced surgeon, heat from the laser can cause skin burns.


Bleeding can happen with any surgical procedure. But, this complication is mostly associated with traditional methods of liposuction and rarely occurs with laser liposuction.


Infections are also common complication of any surgery. Infection can be caused by invasive equipment that is placed beneath the skin. To avoid risk of infection, use of antibiotics and the operating room precautions are required.

Risk from Anesthesia

Laser liposuction is also associated with the risk of local anesthesia. Several deaths have been reported after liposuction due to overdose of lidocaine, which is the anesthetic used in the procedure for eliminating pain.

Contour Deformities

Risk of contour deformities is possible although it is mainly associated with traditional liposuction methods. This is manifested in wavy lines, depressions and lumps or bumps in the skin. Contour deformities may result out of irregular fat removal or fat removal too close to the skin surface.

Loose Skin

Loose skin is a very common risk of standard liposuction procedures especially in patients with poor skin elasticity. However, this risk rarely takes place in laser liposuction because the method is known for tightening of the skin.

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