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Fat Burning Innovation

Liposuction has been around for a while now with more and more people opting for it daily. It has become an effective, painful and unnatural way of physically removing extra fat from your organism. Regardless, after the recovery period is over, people who had undergone this type of surgery are granted a new, fat-free body. However, with time come innovations. Thus, people have invented a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of liposuction, and laser liposuction. This method is not invasive, leaves no scars, tightens the skin and removes all extra fat a person may have. Recently approved and proven to be effective and harmless, this method is bound to take the liposuction world by storm. If you are interested about the differences between traditional methods and the new laser one, read on.

Old vs the New

As far as old liposuction methods are concerned, they involve cutting through a person's skin, placing a tube inside and violently sucking the fat out. Type of anesthesia used here is general. After the procedure, stitches are required to be put, there is a lot of scar tissue and, scars develop in general. Finally, the patient needs to undergo more procedures in order to have the extra skin from his/her body removed, since all the skin, after the fat removal process, remains hanging and sagging. Also, the price of 6500$ is quite a serious one for such a troublesome weight losing experience.

On the other hand, laser liposuction has different things to offer. First of all, being much less invasive, laser liposuction requires only local anesthesia. The tube used is 1mm in diameter, and it uses laser rays to burn fat from the patient's body part. This leaves minimal scarring and no stitches are needed. Moreover, all skin is tightened by collagen which does its thing during the 3 or 6 months after the procedure. With a lower price of 5000$, you will endure incomparably less pain, will pay less, and be able to return to work after two days.

Computer guided, laser liposuction is much safer and more precise at the same time, leaving no place for any scar-causing mistakes or imprecision. Secondly, laser liposuction treats the skin and makes it tight while traditional approach removes it physically, again introducing cutting, scarring and other intrusive methods. Laser liposuction melts the fat into a liquid one and then expels it out of the organism. All the additional melted fat, which we do not manage to take out during the procedure, is bound to get out of your body through its natural processes. Laser liposuction is, therefore completely safe and causes no side-effects. What is more, while wearing compression bandages, you can return to work after only two days. Finally, the changes made by laser liposuction are permanent and the fat removed will not come back.

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