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Excess of fat tissue is always an aesthetic problem. It can be easily covered with suitable clothes if it affects certain parts on the body. However, excess of fat tissue on the chin simply cannot be camouflaged and the problem is quite noticeable. This is why many people suffering from excess of fat tissue in the chin area opt for chin liposuction. Traditional Chin Liposuction Surgery

During this procedure a surgeon cuts the skin of the chin area and the incision line is approximately 2 to 4 cm long. The cut is made in the chin and under the ears. In case the surgeon possesses great experience the cut can be also made inside the mouth. The excess of fat is suctioned with the assistance of a thin liposuction cannula. Fat cells are firstly dissolved due to high frequency oscillations from the cannula and then removed. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia and lasts no longer than 45 minutes. Traditional chin liposuction is considered a safe and rather effective procedure with fast recovery. This is the best treatment for patients suffering from double chin, jowls and chubbiness under the chin.

Chin Liposuction - Laser Surgery

Chin liposuction can be also performed in a form of laser surgery. This is a newer technique and is usually performed in case of small amounts of fat tissue in chin area. In laser liposuction there is no suctioning. High energy from the laser is used to vaporize the fat cells. Furthermore, the laser light helps in tightening of the surrounding skin. This is highly effective in prevention of baggy, excess skin, which may occur in some cases of traditional liposuction. This procedure is considered safe. Still, it is not recommendable for patients suffering from diabetes, liver and kidneys problems and blood clotting disorders. The procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

After the Surgery

The operated area is bruised and sore for several weeks after the surgery. Patients are always prescribed analgesic tablets to reduce discomfort. After being discharged patients are advised to avoid any kind of excessive level of activity which will put strain on the operated area. They are also supposed to wear an elastic garment wrapped around their chin and face during the day and night for one week, and to continue doing this during night for additional 4-6 weeks. This garment will firmly bond the newly shaped fatty tissue and surrounding skin.

There are certain risks related to chin liposuction and they include bleeding, infection, delayed healing, uneven results, changes in facial sensitivity, and scarring. However, surgeons always take specific measures to prevent any possible postoperative complication.

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