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The surgical intervention called liposuction involves the removal of fat from various areas of the body. We will talk about the liposuction preformed for the removal of love handles. This surgery can also be used for removing spots. The love handles or flanks are a location on which fat is usually accumulated in great quantity. Men have this problem more than women, and they can cause some distress due to the ruining of the body appearance. On the other hand, women tend to suffer from fat accumulation on the hip area, which is very persistent and very hard to remove. They will persist even if the weight of the patient is reduced. Abdominal fat is very hard to remove and this is a fact. Because of this, liposuction that will remove these love handles is a good option for those who cannot get rid of the love handles and this annoying abdominal fat. We will give more information about this surgery and alternative surgeries.

Indication of Liposuction for Love Handles

Liposuction cannot be done in all cases of love handles. First, the patients need to be familiar with the possible outcome and the results after the liposuction. Diet is very important and the procedure can be inefficient if fatty foods are not removed from the nutrition. Before the surgery, the diet will have to be conducted, and this will reduce a couple of pounds before the surgery.


This is a surgery that can be done on almost every area on the body and they are all done in the same way. General or local anesthesia will be used and then the incision will be made on the abdominal area. Cannula is then used for the removal of fat. It sucks out the fat from the abdominal area. You can also do a tumescent liposuction, which is a laser liposuction and it is more popular than regular liposuction. This popular procedure involves the use of an injection that prevents bleeding, makes the fat swollen and numbs the skin, and this makes this surgery safer than regular. If you plan to do liposuction for love handles, you will have to pay from 3000 to 7500$.


The results of this surgery will depend on several factors and there are some risks associated with it. You can avoid this surgery by doing exercises for love handles, since this will probably reduce the fat on your abdomen. Due to risks and non-predictive outcomes, the surgery will have to be a last resort option. It is important to be realistic before doing this surgery, and following advice, along with the exercises and diet regime is crucial for the successful outcome.

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