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There probably is no woman in the world who wouldn’t like to change something in her appearance, to loose some fat in the certain areas of body or to gain some in the others. Liposuction does wonders, but, just like any medical procedure, it carries along some risks. Before you make a decision about doing liposuction, you have to know everything about it, so that you could make the right choice. Once that you have decided on liposuction, you have to be aware that some complications may appear. These complications include problems with anesthesia, blood clotting and loss of fluids, while in the milder form, bruises can appear, or scars can be seen on the skin. Some other complications that may occur after the liposuction include infections, allergic reaction to some medicine, damage of the skin and nerves, or some of the vital organs. More serious complications that may cause death if not recognized on time, are fat or blood clots. In the case of blood clots, a clot can cause lung failure and therefore death. If there is an accumulation of fluid, then that the fluid must be drained. The standard liposuction doesn’t cause so many complications, but in the excessive liposuction, a risk of complications is much higher, mainly because of spending too much time on anesthesia and removing too much fat and skin at once. It is a shock for the body.

So, if you want to get rid of too much fat by liposuction, the best thing would be to arrange a few liposuction procedures, so that your body would suffer less. You should talk with your doctor about all possible complications, so that you would know what to expect, and you should know that there is a possibility of complication such as reaction to anesthesia, and that it can lead to severe consequences, even brain damage. This doesn’t happen often. All of these complications can be minimized if you comprehend the risks and possible side effects of liposuction. With finding the right doctor, a half of the problem would be solved. He needs to have proper training and education in this area of an esthetic surgery, and he will explain everything about liposuction, and lead you in the process of the liposuction. Side effects that appear in almost all patients don’t last long. It is mainly a bruise, a scar or a swelling. Bruise disappears in few weeks and occurs because of the evasive penetration of the instrument under the skin. Swelling also reduces during a period of six months. And after all that pain and suffering, you can show off with your new, improved body.

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