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In some specific areas of the body, fat is accumulated and once there is a need for the removal of this fat, a procedure called the ultrasonic assisted liposuction may be suggested. This procedure will be the topic of this text. This procedure is associated with the removal of the fat that is hard to remove and this procedure is the only one that can remove this fat. The fat that needs to be removed is liquefied with the help from the high-pitched sound waves. There are some locations on the body that accumulate fat, which can sometimes be impossible to remove and such locations are ankles, knees, cheeks, neck and chin. It can be done along with the tumescent liposuction. Next, we will try to describe the procedure of ultrasonic assisted liposuction

Steps of the Procedure

During the first part of the procedure, tumescent fluid is injected in the locations where the fat is. Epinephrine, salt water solution and anesthetic are located in this fluid. During the fat removal, this fluid prevents the loss of fluid. Next step in the procedure is liquidation of the fat with the use of sound waves. Cannula is used for the emission of the sound waves. This machine looks like a tube and it targets fat cells and due to this, they implode. Once they are liquefied, they are very easy to remove.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of this procedure can be found in the fact that it can remove fat on a specific location. Although fat can be removed in the old fashion way - with a diet and exercising, in some locations, it just persists and endures regardless of what we do. This is when ultrasonic assisted liposuction comes in the play. The procedure easily removes fat is larger amounts. It also eliminates the problem of skin sagging and greatly contributes to the body contouring, but the fact is that the skin around the area that is treated becomes tightened.

Still, there are some disadvantages associated with this procedure and we will see which they are. This procedure uses a lot of heat, which can lead to scarring, blisters and burns. The tissue trauma is decreased, bruising is decreased and blood loss is decreased when we compare ultrasonic assisted liposuction to tumescent liposuction. In some cases seroma may occur. Once the fat cells are removed, the body sometimes tries to fill the empty space with fluid and this is when this problem occurs. Before deciding whether to undergo this surgery, talk to a professional who will give you detailed information about the procedure.

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