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Facial liposuction is a procedure which includes removal of excess of fat tissue from the certain parts of the face, most commonly the chin, neck, jaw and cheeks. Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their face especially after they reach certain age. Apart from wrinkles and freckles, the skin becomes loose and in some people there is evident accumulation of fat tissue which only makes the problem worse. Facial liposuction can indeed make the patients look younger and their skin fresher.

Facial Liposuction- the Very Procedure

Facial liposuction requires specific technique called the tumescent technique. This technique provides with the best results comparing to other kinds of surgical techniques. This particularly refers to potential side effects such as scarring and bruising which are minimized with the tumescent technique.

The surgeon uses a micro-cannula and injects fluid in the operated area and simultaneously suctions the fat tissue out. It is very important that liposuction of the chin does not result in sagging skin around the neck, chin or jaw after the procedure.

Types of Facial Liposuction

There are four different types of facial liposuction and they include dry facial liposuction, wet facial liposuction, superwet facial liposuction and finally, ultrasound facial liposuction.

In dry facial liposuction there is simple removal of the fat tissue without flushing of the operated area with water. This type can be applied in patients with a history of heart problems and fluid in lungs. In wet liposuction a patient is injected fluid that contains blood-inhibiting compounds. Superwet liposuction is basically performed if the surgeon performs facial contouring and face-lift at the same time. And ultrasound facial liposuction represents a modified version of superwet liposuction. During this procedure treated tissues are first saturated with saline, epinephrine and lidocaine and the operated area is then treated with a special type of vibrating cannula which is inserted under the skin.

Risks of Facial Liposuction

All the patients must be familiar with potential risks of facial liposuction prior the surgery. For example, dry liposuction carries a huge risk of bleeding, bruising, and cell death since there is no injection of protective saline and other fluids. Furthermore, superwet liposuction carries risk of accumulation of bodily fluids and supplementary fluids. This fluid may put too much stress onto the heart and lungs. The fluid may be an excellent basis for infection. Ultrasound facial liposuction may cause burns especially if not handled correctly.

Apart from the previously mentioned facial liposuction may also cause infections, necrotizing fasciitis, embolism, arrhythmia, edema, damage to the nerves, puncture wounds and excessive scarring.

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