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Ultrasonic liposuction is one type of liposuction, a surgical procedure which removes excess of fat tissue from the body. Liposuction belongs to many procedures performed by plastic surgeons and its only purpose is to make one slightly thinner and to even the surface of the skin caused by irregular accumulation of fat. It is essential to have realistic expectations because liposuction does not make wonders and help one get rid of all the unwanted fat, but it may significantly change the shape of the body and deal with irregularities caused by inadequate distribution of excess fat tissue.Advantages of Ultrasonic Liposuction The most significant advantage of ultrasonic liposuction is easy removal of fat tissue. Namely, thick fat deposits are removed with less effort comparing to traditional liposuction. Furthermore, it can efficiently remove fat tissue from specific areas such as the chin, cheeks neck etc. which were at first considered problematic and were rarely treated with traditional liposuction.

Apart from the previously mentioned ultrasonic liposuction may remove large quantity of fat cells without causing severe damage to surrounding tissues. Bleeding and postoperative abnormalities do not occur so often and the skin may remain well-tightened. The procedure is considered safe and with no or just several potential risks. The recovery after ultrasonic liposuction is quick and comprises no serious side effects.

Better Outcome

Better outcome of ultrasonic liposuction is achieved because the fat tissue which is going to be removed is first treated with high-pitched sound waves. This way such tissue disintegrates and can be removed with less effort. The results are amazing particularly in people with superior health conditions and perfect body weight.

Prior Ultrasonic Liposuction

As it is the case with any other procedure, the person who opts for this type of liposuction is due to get more familiar with the procedure. He/ she should know the course of the procedure, possible side effects and what to expect from the surgery. Furthermore, it is essential to choose a well-experienced surgeon who has done the procedure many times before and who is good at performing it. Patients are due to report all the illnesses they are currently suffering from and all the drugs they are taking. They are also supposed to report allergies of any kind.

Potential Risks and Complications

The most common side effect of the procedure includes skin burns. However, a well experienced surgeon will never use excessive energy of ultrasound waves. Another potential complication associated with high temperature distributed via ultrasound is formation of blood clots. Some patients may develop seromas, pockets filled with fluid Or serum. And finally, damage to nerves in the treated area may result in temporary numbness which eventually improves.

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