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Introduction to Kidney Cleanse A kidney cleanse is a good way to flush out the toxins that have accumulated over time in the body.

The kidneys are very important organs because they keep the body running smoothly. They eliminate harmful waste from the body and get rid of toxins and excess water.

The kidneys also act as filters, cleaning harmful substances that enter the body and disposing of them.

They also maintain fluid balance and are very important to a person’s overall health.

The accumulation of every day toxins in the kidney can take its toll and cause health problems.

The build up of uric acid and crystals from salts and other minerals can cause gout and kidney stones. Therefore, it is very important to detoxify the kidneys in order to keep the working well. Home remedies

There are good ways to cleanse the kidneys at home. A master cleanse diet can be used.

The apple and lemon cleanse is a simple formula for dissolving kidney stones and improving the function of the kidneys. The recipe is simple as well. A person should juice three apples with their skin to retain antioxidants and squeeze a half a lemon into the mixture. This is one of the healthiest home remedies to cleanse the kidneys.

The watermelon flush is another good remedy for getting rid of toxins. The watermelon can be eaten directly or blended to make a drink. A person can also make watermelon tea to keep the kidneys healthy, though it is not recommended for people who have diabetes.

Another recipe for kidney cleansing is to blend together four stalks of celery and three sprigs of parsley with one cucumber and then add water and a half a lemon. This is another great remedy for cleansing the kidneys.

There are many excellent herbal teas that can detoxify the body and clean out toxins. Some that are beneficial for the kidneys include couch grass, uva ursi and horsetail tea. Here is the recipe for a tea that is both a diuretic and a great kidney cleanser: Take two teaspoons of dandelion root, add half a teaspoon of nettle leaf, half of oat straw, half of fennel seed, and another half teaspoon of corn silk. Boil water and then add the herbs to the water and cover it for 20 min. This tea should be consumed at least once a day in order to achieve a cleansing of the kidneys.

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