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Introduction to Salt Water Flushes

A salt water flush is an excellent way to clean out the digestive system. This is an excellent alternative for those people that do not want to take an enema or go through colonic irrigation procedures. By using the salt water flush a person can get rid of all of the toxins in the digestive system. It is also a much safer method, compared to colonic irrigation and there are very few complications and side effects involved with a salt water flush.

Also, the salt water flush is a lot less expensive than colonic irrigation procedures.


The recipe for making a salt water flush is actually very simple and easy. In order to make one, all a person needs is some non-iodized salt, water and lime juice.

First, add one or two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to one quart of water and then stir the mixture until the salt dissolves completely.

The lime juice is used to add some pleasant flavor to the mixture. Directions

In order to be effective, the salt water flush must be one in the morning when the stomach is completely empty.

It is also a very good idea to drink some herbal tea before going to bed the night before.

Within about an hour of drinking the salt water flush, the person will start to hear rumbling in the stomach. When the salt water reaches the colon, all the old feces and plaques in the colon will be flushed out with a water bowel movement that is very reminiscent of diarrhea.

It is also very important not to eat and heavy foods and spicy foods during the cleansing procedure.

Eat light, and the treatment will be much more effective and easier.

It is also a great method to use when on a detox diet, because it will clear all of the toxins out of the digestive system.


When people eat poorly and do not exercise, a lot of toxins will gather in the body. The salt water flush is a good way to detoxify the body and get rid of these toxins, improving the general health of the digestive system.

Since, the weight of the salt is equivalent to the weight of sodium in the blood, the kidneys will not detect the salt water, and therefore, they will not absorb it. The blood will not absorb the water either.

The salt will then break apart all of the fecal matter in the body while flowing through the digestive tract. While the salt is breaking down the toxins and flushing them from the body, the lemon or lime juice is offering nutrients to the body.

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