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Colon cleansing is the process of exposing your body to specific treatments which expel the accumulated toxins from the lining of our colon. Namely, through years of living and consuming unhealthy, processed food, our body gets affected by the toxins and the materials it cannot digest. These materials remain stuck onto the lining of our colon, preventing healthy functioning of our body and altering the digestive processes, often leading to abnormal bowel movements and other such complications. Thus, colon cleansing is an excellent purification method to be practiced every once in a while. Since colon cleansers which can be bought over-the-counter contain strong chemicals which are not recommended to be used by children, natural colon cleansing methods are best to be practiced in this case.

Natural Colon Cleanse for Children

Even though children are young and have not been exposed to the above mentioned foods and toxins, if your child seems to be suffering from constipation, bloating, gases, indigestion, stomach pain and diarrhea, all or some of these reoccurring frequently, he/she may need a colon cleanse.

Note that this process needs to be done following the instructions religiously. Thus, you may want to consult an expert beforehand.

As for the natural colon cleansers available, you may opt for herbs, laxative foods, supplements and fiber-rich diet. Basically, you will need dandelion root, black radish, Cascara Sagrada, Aloe Vera, flaxseed, licorice root, chickweed, psyllium and buck-thorn bark, implemented in your child's diet. These herbal medicines act as cleansers of the colon walls, removing all the toxins accumulated there, disallowing new toxins to rest there.

However, taking your child into consideration, the best possible choice for a good colon cleanse is to consume natural laxative foods. Here, you need to concentrate on green foods consisting of alfalfa, barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina and blue and green algae. All these foods help fix the damage done to the tissues of your digestive system. Moreover, barley, cabbage, brown rice, carrots, beets, peas, apples and citrus fruits, being very high in fiber, are excellent for cleaning your child's colon.

The Colon Cleansing Process for Your Child

In order to play it on the safe side, use juices to clean your child's colon. Firstly, mixing a quarter of a cup of fresh lemon juice with a teaspoon of fresh, grated ginger in a glass of boiling water will give you an excellent colon cleanser. All you need to do is to stir the ingredients good and have your child drink them.

Secondly, mixing a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey, adding a tablespoon of apple cider and stirring it all up well, adding the whole thing to boiling water later and stirring it once again will provide you with another colon cleansing product.

Finally, make sure your child is eating the right food and drinking sufficient amounts of water daily.

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