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Naturopathicpractitioners claim that every kidney stone that wasn’t caused by some metabolicor genetic problem can be solved using proper food. The therapy is able to reducethe pain from the stone passage, but also, to prevent formation of other kidneystones, maintaining healthy kidneys.

NaturopathicSolutions for Passing Kidney Stone

Some of themost recommended and most successful naturopathic remedies are olive oil, celeryseed, watermelon and cherries. As recommended, these remedies should be used onlyafter a proper diagnosis and treatment for dissolution of the kidney stone.

Olive oilremedy is made of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. This mixture is saidto be very helpful for passing kidney stone, especially for uric acid kidneystones.

Some naturopathsconsider cherries as great solutions for uric acid kidney stones. The recommendeddose is 6 to 8 cherries every day.

Eating watermelonsin a tub of warm water is also the popular remedy in people suffering fromkidney stones. It is believed that you could pass the kidney stones whileeating 3 to 4 melons while in a bathtub.

Phosphoric aciddrinks are additional remedies for kidney passing. Some say that this acidshould quickly dissolve the kidney stone if drank in sufficient quantities(about 2l).

Celery seedstea is also well known among naturopaths to ease the passage of kidney stones. Boil2 tablespoons of celery seeds in 2 cups of water and drink it. This remedyshould be used only if nothing else seems to ease the passage of kidney stones.However, it shouldn’t be used by pregnant women.

Herbs forKidney Stones

Herbal remediesare used for centuries to relieve the pain and support kidney stone passage. Cornsilk, bearberry, cleavers, gravel root, khella, stone root, kava kava, crampbarkor seven barks are just some of the possible solutions for your kidney stones. Youshould always choose the high quality herbal products, in order to achieve bestresults from these herbs and protect yourselves from unwanted side effects.

Use Supplementsto Cure Kidney Stones

Vitamin B6and magnesium deficiencies have been known to be associated with the formationof kidney stones. Because of that, it may be wise to use supplements thatcontain magnesium citrate and vitamin B6. The recommended daily dose is about500mg of magnesium and 25mg of vitamin B6.


Sweating isone of methods you might want to try if you are experiencing problems withkidney stones. This is one of the most efficient ways to cleanse the body fromtoxins, and it can be achieved by eating hot peppers (like cayenne or chilies),drinking some warm tea in a hot room, doing something physically demanding andwearing layers of clothes or simply by using the sauna.

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