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Kidneys are very important organs. They clean all the waste from blood and eliminate it through urine. They help in regulating sodium levels in blood. It is important to drink enough water to help kidneys flush out all the toxins from our body.

If bacteria enters kidneys through urethra it causes kidney infection or pyelonephritis. The bacteria attacks bladder and froms it to climb to kidneys. If bacteria is still down in a bladder we say that a person suffers from lower urinary tract infection. When it reaches to kidneys we say that a person got upper urinary infection.

Kidney infection is a serious illness which requires medical help. It must not be left untreated as it can damage kidneys and cause kidney failure. The infection can spread from kidneys into bloodstream too.

If you suffer from kidney infection you will have constant urge to urinate whether or not your bladder is full of urine. Urination is followed with pain and uncomfortable burning sensation. You can suffer from abdominal pain that can spread into lower back and hips. Your urine will no longer have yellow color and clear look. It will have dark yellow color, it will not be clear and it will smell distinctively. Traces of blood or pus can also be visible in urine. In severe cases you can have high temperature, trembling and nausea.

If you start to feel itching and burning in bladder make sure to increase intake of water and unsweetened tea. This will help your body discharge infection. Optimal water intake would be between three to four quarts every day.

Cranberry juice or cranberry supplements are very effective on kidney infection. Cranberries are full of vitamin C.

Salmon and almonds are rich in fatty acids and vitamin C and can help you deal with infection.

Since kidney infection is accompanied with pain you can hold heat pads on your abdomen to ease the situation. This will relax you too.

Beneficial food supplements are capsules of Echinacea and/or garlic since they both have anti-bacterial components and serve as natural antibiotics. They will boost your immunity system which is exactly what you need.

Propolis is another natural antibiotic that can be used to combat kidney infection.

Licorice will help detoxifying and eliminating infection.

Aloe Vera juice in combination with cranberry juice is very effective especially if consumed in the morning on empty stomach.

Its important to add multivitamins to your diet since your body needs all the help that it can get.

Drinking uva ursi tea will also help dealing with kidney infection.

Stay away from fast food, processed food, artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, sugar etc.

Make sure to help your body feel comfortable when being in such delicate situation by wearing comfortable loose clothes. Tight clothes will stop circulation through lower urinary tract and prolong the infection.

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