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Detoxifying the system seems to be very hip right now and many spas and resorts offer this service to their clients. However, there are much cheaper ways to detoxify and one of them is sea salt flush. It cheap, simple, and it can be done at the privacy of one’s own home.

About sea salt flush

Just like cleaning the car from the outside is not enough and it sometimes needs to be sent on servicing, so all of its parts function properly, the human body needs more throughout cleansing too. Bathing every day is, of course, essential, but every once in a while the body needs to be cleaned from the inside and liberated of all the metabolic waste and toxins that accumulate inside.

Sea salt flush or salt water flush, unlike laxatives or enema, does not clean only the colon, but the whole digestive tract. It is also less expensive, compared to other cleansing methods. These flushes not only cleanse the body from the inside, but they also regulate the blood pressure and help against colds and similar ailments.

After a sea salt flush, a person feels more energized, in better moods, with better sinus and respiratory functions. Some of the sea salt flush benefits include elimination of body odor and bad breath and clear skin.

Sea salt flush recipe and instructions

Sea salt flush is a simple procedure that requires only two ingredients- water and sea salt. It can be done it home without having to spend a lot of money. It is essential to have proper sea salt. Regular table salt will not offer the beneficial effects like sea salt does. Sea salt is rich in minerals, it purifies the body and at the same time it provides necessary electrolytes.

The recipe for this flush requires two tablespoons of uniodized organic sea salt. It is added to two quarts of room temperature water and mixed well until it dissolves completely.

Most people do this flush in the morning, but those who have to go to work can do it in the evening too. It is important to be at home because after this flush the person will feel to urge for bowel movement in 30 to 40 minutes.

The mixture of sea salt and water should be drank at one go, even though the sensation of fullness will occur halfway through. It is important not to stop because the salty taste will cause an urge to vomit.

The first bowel movement will occur half an hour or 40 minutes after drinking the mixture. Within the next hour there will be several bowel movements, through which the body will flush out toxins and accumulated waste material.

This should be repeated for three to seven days. The first positive effects will be noticeable after the first cleanse. During this period, it is recommended to avoid spicy and greasy foods as well as alcohol.

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