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Nicorette patches

People use Nicorette patches when they want to quit smoking. The patches are comprised of nicotine, which enters your body through skin and easies the abstinence. People get addicted to cigarettes and when they want to quit smoking, they experience different symptoms due to nicotine deprivation, and they have strong urge to light a cigarette.

NRT or nicotine replacement therapies can be helpful in overcoming these symptoms by giving your body small doses of nicotine and reducing physical need for nicotine. NRT includes the usage of Nicorette patches .The patches should be placed somewhere on the skin and kept there for 16 hours. The amount of nicotine in them can vary and at the beginning you should use the ones with the highest doses of nicotine. Over time, you can use patches with smaller doses, so that your body can adjust to the nicotine reduction. There is also psychological addiction which can make this process more difficult. You should restrain yourself from smoking when you feel the extreme desire to do that.

Tips for using Nicorette patches

They help you to overcome the period of abstinence. Put on patch on the place of your body that is clean and without hairs or injuries in the morning, and leave it there for 16 hours. Every morning at approximately same time a patch should be put on. If you are doing workouts and using patches at the same time the risk of unwanted effects is higher. If you have any kind of skin reaction remove the patch and stop using it.

Side effects

If you are suffering from heart condition, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, liver or kidney conditions, you can use patches, but under medical supervision. Some other conditions can worsen by using patches. Nicotine should not be used by pregnant women but if a woman can’t give up smoking, it would be more beneficial for her and the baby to wear patches than to smoke. The same goes for breastfeeding and in both cases a woman should try to stop using patches as fast as possible.

Unwanted effects can be various, though they may not even appear. The most common unwanted effects include changes on the skin where the patch is put on, vertigo, headache, stomach pain, feeling sick and throwing up and similar. Nicotine and other components in the cigarettes can affect certain medications by discharging them faster than usual. If you are trying to quit smoking, inform your doctor about that because it may be necessary to adjust the dosage of medications that you are already using.

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