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Washing Your Newborn

Parenting can seem quite confusing at first and may caught many new parents by surprise. However, you need to get the hang of it as soon as possible, for the sake of your child. This is where washing and cleaning is always a mystery. First of all, many parents are afraid that they may hurt their baby while holding it during washing. However, babies can prove to be quite resistant to water at first and may react in abrupt movements you need to secure. Thus, be gentle but firm nevertheless. There are other things related to bathing your baby. For example, it needs not to be bathed more than once a day, except, of course it has been soiled in any way. While still an infant, the baby is very clean and has tender skin which should not be exposed to too much chemicals. There are other things you need to pay attention to so read on the reminder of this article, since it can prove to be more than useful.

How to Bathe Your Baby

As mentioned above, you do not need to completely undress your baby every time it becomes dirty. Rather, all you need to do is clean the hands, feet and the diaper area, keeping the rest covered in clothes and dry. This will result in quicker bathing and an easier achievement of providing your baby the necessary cleanliness. Of course, if there is a need for thorough bathing, do not ever skip it.

As for other things which might help you bathe your child quickly and effectively, know that you need not to be in the bathroom in order to do this. Rather, you might use a water container and bathe your baby in a different room provided it is warm and draft free.

Whenever you bathe your baby, make sure the items you use for the process are used only for the baby and no one else. Therefore, all the sponges and other things which you use for washing your baby are only for these purposes. Keep them clean and disinfected and change them for new each now and then, especially if they become damaged or old.

As for the ear cleansing, make sure you do not push the cotton swab inside the baby's ear since you might damage it. Rather, simply remove the visible ear wax from the surface of the ear, leaving the rest alone. Finally, perhaps the best bathing time is in the evening, since then both you and your child have all the time you need to spend it with each other, happily playing and creating a bond which will never fade or break.

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