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Ear Wax – Good and Bad

Ear wax located in our ears serves apurpose. It is there in order to protect our ears from the any foreignbodies which might enter it. Namely, once an unwanted substance getsinside our ear, the tiny hairs and the wax itself will prevent itfrom advancing into our middle and inner ear. Thus, this oilysubstance does us good. However, even though any excess of ear wax issupposed to get expelled naturally, it is sometimes not so. Moreover,excessive ear wax may even jeopardize our hearing and potentiallycause eardrum damage. For all these reasons, we need to clean ourears often, removing the extra wax from it. Nevertheless, this actionneeds to be done properly, since, if we do not know how to clean ourears correctly, we might just push the extra wax deeper in our ear,making things worse.

Proper Ear Wax Removal Methods

The best way to keep your ears clean isby using cotton swabs. You need to be careful not to place them toodeep inside your ear, since, this way, you might cause eitherphysical damage to the delicate structures inside or causeabnormalities in the pressure, creating problems as well. Thus, it isbest to be gentle and use soft swabs. Also, clean the outer partsrather than jabbing the swab inside your ear. All in all, if youclean your ears regularly, by using this method, you will be safefrom excessive wax since it will not have time to pile up. However,some people consider cotton swabs dangerous and potentially risky andthus avoid them, causing their ear wax to harden and becomeproblematic. For these people, there are alternative ear wax removalmethods as well.

Removing Hard Ear Wax from Ears

First of all, you need to soften thestiff ear wax. This can be done with baby oil and ear drops. All youneed are these two and a dropper. Then, stand above the sink,protecting your clothes with a towel on your shoulders, and place 2drops of baby oil in each ear of yours. After doing this, add the eardrops in the same quantity. You may need to repeat this for severaldays until the wax loses its grip.

Once you soften the wax, water comesnext. You need water which is the same temperature as you body is.Fill your dropper with it and stand above the sink with yourproblematic ear facing the ceiling. Pour all the water into the ear,until you feel that it is full. Then, turn your head the other way,so as to expel all the water and wax from your ear. Repeat untilsuccessful. After accomplishing your goals and expelling the extrawax from your ears, make sure you dry the area using either yourtowel or a hair dryer.

If you fail with this method, seekmedical attention, since there are several other things which can bedone, including irrigation and currete technique.

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