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Diaper rash is something very common most babies will develop the rash during their infant "career", and most parents will, as we wrote about earlier, ask themselves: Do you need to see a doctor for diaper rash? The good news is that diaper rash can most often be treated at home. Here is a list of diaper rash remedies to help you along.

Bath your baby in a bath with baking soda. Seriously, baking soda is a miracle worker! It can be used to treat pregnancy heartburn, to clean the house, to wash your hair and to brush your teeth. Dissolving baking soda in your baby's bath water really helps clear up a diaper rash. I have tried it a few times, and the rash went away in no times. Frequently change your baby's diapers doctors recommend at least every two hours for disposables. And change a diaper immediately after it has been soiled. This goes a long way toward preventing diaper rash, but it also helps cure an existing diaper rash. If you are using wet wipes during diaper changes, your baby may be allergic to the brand you use. Try different ones, cloth wipes, or bathing your baby after a diaper change. A sponge bath is enough. Diaper creams including chamomile, and zinc cream, help prevent and treat diaper rash. Not all babies need diaper creams, but they are generally a must if you are using disposable diapers. You could also try cloth diapers. Give your baby's most sensitive skin time to air whenever you can. There will be plenty of opportunities for this, especially during the summer. Are you afraid your baby will poo while diaper free? Try and work out what their bowel movement pattern is like. Older babies, who have started solids, might poop once a day at a predictable time, for instance.

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