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Baby’ skin is very delicate and because of that there are special soaps, lotions and creams designed for newborns. Sensitivity and fragility of baby’s skin and lack of fully active sweat glands make it very prone to dryness, especially after exposure to cold weather, air conditioning or indoor heating. Dry air may also be bad and cause dry skin in babies.

Every a nurse and doctor will say that delicate children skin should be kept clean and properly hydrated. Always give enough fluids to your baby, in order to prevent dehydration and dry skin. In the first months of their lives babies eat only breast milk and this is the best possible food for them. Breast milk provides essential nutrients, minerals and also proper amount of fluid every day. So, whenever you notice your baby is hungry fed him or her with breast milk and you should not have any problems with dehydration or dryness of the skin, unless, of course, there is some medical explanation for dry skin. If you are not sure – visit your pediatrician and ask for advice.

Dry Skin in Babies - Bathing and Moisturizers

Although many advise bathing a baby every day, it might not be necessary, especially if he or she has very dry skin. In fact, wiping baby’s bottom after changing diapers and after breastfeeding might be enough and you do not need to bathe your baby every day. You could bathe your child 2 or 4 time a week. However, all other kids except newborns should be bathing every day.

Do not prolong bathing time, 10 minutes in water is enough to clean every newborn. If you happen to bathe the baby longer than that you may worsen his or her dry skin. Use warm water instead of hot and make sure to use soaps with high moisturizer content and without any fragrance. Soap should not be kept on baby’s skin for too long, in order to make it less prone to dryness.

Use moisturizers after bathing and at least once more during the day. Use thicker creams instead some baby lotions and avoid fragranced products, but opt for those containing grape seed oil or olive oil, specially designed for babies.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Delicate newborn’s skin should be protected from weather with proper clothing both in winter and summer. Make sure your child is not exposed to direct sunlight and use sunscreens to prevent sunburns.

Exposure to salty ocean water or chlorinated pool water must be followed with rinsing off with some plain tap water immediately. This way, baby’s skin will not get dry.

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